Organic Business Growth: Legitimize Your Business With the Basics

Does this sound familiar?

People often tell me that I dream and take way too many chances. What does that exactly mean? Through my early adult life, working for someone else has never appealed to me. Building something for myself, something to leave my family, in essence a legacy as been my goal from the beginning. Yes I AM a dreamer, a chance taker, but also a doer. I am an Entrepreneur – Serrieh

Believing in what you do is the most important step when creating a successful start-up business. But sometimes your great idea comes with little to no money to get it off the ground. Great credit for a business loan or a huge amount of money in savings is not always needed if you are able to start thinking outside of the box. Holding a drive and sense of creativity by using resources and networking ability you already have can tremendously impact the deduction in cost when legitimizing your business.

As a fellow Entrepreneur, I am personally speaking from recent experience as my husband (who is also my business partner) have begun not only legitimizing our business but we have also built an incredible team, along with a growing internet presence with little to no cost.

By using available resources and doing things ourselves instead of hiring someone else, starting our business has been much more cost effective then we expected. It did take more research and time, but we have been able to build a presence through social media and internet resources.

Building a strong internet presence is key to growing a start-up when you do not have the cash flow needed. Some say it is impossible to build a business without a steady cash flow, but I say it can be done. We are living proof that it can. Of course, as time goes on, new ways to generate income will be formulated, but the initial set up phase can be done with minimal cash flow. Here are some basic steps to legitimize your business at little to no cost.

  • Obtain your EIN ( Employee Identification Number) from the federal government. It only takes a week or so to receive it and it is completely free. Before you file for your EIN you will need to know how to file your business, LLC, Corporation, etc.
  • Incorporate your business through the Sectary of State’s Office. Most banks and businesses require or encourage this from any business they deal with. There is a fee and it ranges from $40-$300 depending what state, but it is worth every penny. Why Should I Incorporate is a great read.
  • Always get a P.O. Box until you are able to get a storefront or business address. This keeps your personal information, personal. For some government paperwork, you will have to use a physical address (which can be your home) but dealing with team members and/or customers, a P.O. Box is recommend. They are very reasonable priced and the USPS usually has plenty available.
  • Check licensing and zoning within your county and state.
  • Check with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to make sure your company’s name is available for trademark.
  • Trademark your company’s name. Application fees start at $225.
  • Make sure your domain name is available, if it is buy it ASAP. This is usually fairly cheap as long as you keep it simple. Do not let the hosting company sell you extra products you don’t need. Please just research each product yourself before making the final decision. Remember, you can always call back and add more to your plan as your business grows.
  • Once the EIN and State Incorporation has been received, it is great to get a retail or wholesale license as well depending on the needs of your business. Some offices depending on the state have an online version. Once application is submitted, the license should be issued generally within 14 business days.
  • Make sure a thorough search of licensing required to operate your business and/or to sell products, food, merchandise, etc is completed. This is usually done with in the state department in which you or your business is located.
  • Get all licensing required for your business.There usually is a fee, but it is a pretty wide scope of pricing depending on the industry. This is a must have in order to attract any serious investors.
  • Create your website. Many hosting companies have website builders for a small fee that can really help newbies build a decent start up site. Remember simple is better if you are a beginner.
  • It is time to create your Facebook page… this is very easy and very free. If you want to add a little pep to your page’s step, I suggest using FB to advertise your website and/or page which gives you much more visibility. For about $40 per month, web traffic and page traffic will increase by a few hundred. Of course the more you spend the more traffic you will receive. Note – It is important to keep current and fresh content daily.
  • Twitter is a great outlet to get the word out about your business. It is easy to manage and is completely free. Just as with Facebook, it is important to keep current and fresh content daily.
  • Instagram is not a must but if you like to take pictures, then it is greatly recommended. And just like Twitter and Facebook, fresh content is needed daily for your presence to continue to grow.
  • Reach out to friends and family to spread the word on FB and any other social media outlets.
  • It is always important to make Business Cards. Even if you do not have a logo yet, simple black and white cards will do. Vista Print seems to give some pretty good deals and have some great templates to choose from.
  • There is nothing like good old fashion networking. Going to community events and getting the word out there about your dream, your vision, your business is a great way make a name for yourself. Let your natural charisma, the finesse of a natural born Entrepreneur inspire people to see your vision with as much passion as you do.
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce

These are the first basic steps that were taken when we first started to establish Going 2 Natural. Each of these items cost little to no money but are fundamental when legitimizing a business with basic resources. When starting a business on a budget it is important to use all the free to low cost resources available. Why this task may seem daunting at times, with a little perseverance and a great deal of research, it can definitely be done.

Good luck with your future business endeavors!

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The Nonchalant

The only thing we are guaranteed in life, is death. We would all love to be embraced in the aura of brilliance and divinity but this is rare among us, if not, non existent.

We as one, mankind, were born with a golden spoon, we have dominion over all; the ocean, the deep reaches of space and animals alike. Man convey such great authority over these but in the process of advancing our reach, we lost ourselves in the technology we introduced.

Cell phones, tablets and phablets were brought on to accommodate us in life, to make life and its tasks simpler but most great intentions turn sour as now, these are a cancer to society, a terminal illness to mankind and its past better norm.

I at often times wonder how life was several decades ago, an era our great grands had the honor to be birthed, live and die in.

I and others in this generation have the unfortunate privilege to witness the toll a technologically advanced world has on man. We cannot expect to move forward in a world where people are consumed by aggression, false hope and self destruction. Teens, young adults and matured will quicker scroll through their Facebook feed, post selfies on Instagram or gossip through texting rather than educate themselves.

Resistance is futile for the greater majority as the grip that the techno God they serve flexes his muscle enough for us all to witness.

It is difficult to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved but it is not impossible. Among the negative is the elevated exasperation most common in youth. They spend a great deal of time video gaming, texting or surfing the internet, which does not only steal their complete attention but also negatively affects their psyche which ultimately leads to frustration, short temper and lack of patience.

A zombie could informally be defined as “a person who is or appears lifeless or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.”

Unlike the reanimated corpse zombie, these modern day zombies are a greater threat since they have a conscience, emotion and soul, but a poisoned soul, one that only the host can break free from, but being caught in the powerful and alluring web of the enemy, the battle for the last bit of self consciousness may prove complicated but that does not mean it cannot be overthrown.

All lessons are futile if those it is aimed at are not open to better themselves in ways we see fit, at the end of it all it is entirely up to them to do as they please, whether that be to follow the advice given or their own will. It is theirs to choose.

It is not wrong to become a nonchalance, in today’s advanced society some form of resistance is imperative in order to preserve a bit of humanity.

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Finding a Reputable Web Hosting Company

Finding a acclaimed web hosting aggregation is for abiding the key basic for architecture a acknowledged website. It is crucially important that your website is accessible 24/7 and there is actually no downtime. Acclaimed web hosting companies tend to advance the best accessible uptime of 99.99%, which agency that your website will be down for no added than 4 account per month. Of course, no web hosting aggregation can agreement a 100% uptime, because servers accept to be rebooted from time to time, mainly due to software and atom upgrades. A approved server restart usually takes about 4 minutes, which is acceptable.

When searching for a acclaimed web hosting aggregation there are a several belief that accept to be accomplished in adjustment to accomplish abiding that you accept fabricated the appropriate choice. Those include, but are not bound to: if was the aggregation established, area their address are located, do they own their servers or they use committed servers, how abounding advisers do they accept and of advance how abounding audience they are currently hosting. The a lot of important agency for barometer the company’s acceptability is of advance the amount of audience that they are serving. You can calmly apprentice appealing abundant aggregate if you seek for reviews of accepted barter and see what they accept to say apropos their acquaintance with the web host in question. If there are abounding abrogating reviews, you should absolutely abstain that web host. However, not seeing any absolute reviews does not all-important beggarly that the hosting provider is not reputable. Humans are mostly motivated to address abrogating reviews if they accept bad acquaintance with a accustomed hosting company. Finding a action for a absolute analysis is not easy. Ask yourself – do you address absolute acknowledgment for aggregate that you accept absolutely liked? The acknowledgment a lot of acceptable is no, but if you appear beyond something absolutely bad – you will a lot of acceptable address a few words to acquaint others so they don’t accomplish the aforementioned mistake.

So, barometer the acceptability of a web hosting aggregation is absolutely a abstract task, because altered humans accept altered opinions. The a lot of important affair is to attending for acknowledgment from absolute people, who absolutely accept acquaintance with the aggregation of your choice. Abounding hosting companies usually address reviews and testimonials by themselves, so you should try to clarify them out and yield into application alone reviews by absolute people.

And finally, if you are still not abiding about your best you can consistently accord it a try. Almost all web hosting companies action 30 canicule money aback guarantee, so you can try them out afore hosting your adored web website with them. You can try hosting a analysis area name, analysis to see the uptime by application a website ecology software and aswell run a amount architect to see if your website can sustain a ample amount of visitors or the server will apathetic down or even crash. If you are abiding that you’ve fabricated the appropriate choice, you can host your absolute website. Of course, if you are blessed with the service, don’t overlook to acquaint others by spending a few account to address a acceptable absolute review.

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