The Nonchalant

August 16, 2017

The only thing we are guaranteed in life, is death. We would all love to be embraced in the aura of brilliance and divinity but this is rare among us, if not, non existent.

We as one, mankind, were born with a golden spoon, we have dominion over all; the ocean, the deep reaches of space and animals alike. Man convey such great authority over these but in the process of advancing our reach, we lost ourselves in the technology we introduced.

Cell phones, tablets and phablets were brought on to accommodate us in life, to make life and its tasks simpler but most great intentions turn sour as now, these are a cancer to society, a terminal illness to mankind and its past better norm.

I at often times wonder how life was several decades ago, an era our great grands had the honor to be birthed, live and die in.

I and others in this generation have the unfortunate privilege to witness the toll a technologically advanced world has on man. We cannot expect to move forward in a world where people are consumed by aggression, false hope and self destruction. Teens, young adults and matured will quicker scroll through their Facebook feed, post selfies on Instagram or gossip through texting rather than educate themselves.

Resistance is futile for the greater majority as the grip that the techno God they serve flexes his muscle enough for us all to witness.

It is difficult to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved but it is not impossible. Among the negative is the elevated exasperation most common in youth. They spend a great deal of time video gaming, texting or surfing the internet, which does not only steal their complete attention but also negatively affects their psyche which ultimately leads to frustration, short temper and lack of patience.

A zombie could informally be defined as “a person who is or appears lifeless or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.”

Unlike the reanimated corpse zombie, these modern day zombies are a greater threat since they have a conscience, emotion and soul, but a poisoned soul, one that only the host can break free from, but being caught in the powerful and alluring web of the enemy, the battle for the last bit of self consciousness may prove complicated but that does not mean it cannot be overthrown.

All lessons are futile if those it is aimed at are not open to better themselves in ways we see fit, at the end of it all it is entirely up to them to do as they please, whether that be to follow the advice given or their own will. It is theirs to choose.

It is not wrong to become a nonchalance, in today’s advanced society some form of resistance is imperative in order to preserve a bit of humanity.

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